Randy Slawson is Crowned “King of the Hammers”

Johnson Valley, Ca.- Randy Slawson, with help from his co-rider and brother Mike has been crowned “King” at the 2013 King of the Hammers race in Johnson Valley, California. King of the Hammers is a unique race that requires drivers to possess high-speed driving skills and impeccable rock crawling talent. In order to survive the brutal course, a driver needs the ability and the car to cover open desert at speed in addition to some of the toughest rock trails in the world, Randy Slawson has all of that.

Competing in a car of his own design and manufacture, many have included him on the list of potential winners since the race was conceived in 2007. Johnson Valley is Randy’s back yard and he has spent many hours running the Hammers trails. Of course, not many people attack the trails as hard as Randy does when just out having fun. “I like to keep myself a little scared when I’m out there,” says Randy, “I run on the ragged edge. I know how hard to push the car and what abuse I can give it without breaking because I’ve explored those boundaries.” He proved that clearly at this year’s race. At the finish line, his car was clean, dry and straight. While others had broken parts, wrinkled sheet metal and looked like hell, the only thing dented or scratched on Randy’s car was the front bumper.

Randy’s “Bomber” chassis has been perfected through hours of hard wheeling in the name of fun. His car is clean, well thought out and has a minimalist look to it. Most rock racers have a form follows function design that sometimes looks like a parts delivery van threw up on a jungle jim. The first time this author ever saw a Bomber, I wasn’t sure it even ran. It looks clean, simple and light. It bears no resemblance to other cars whose mechanical guts hang out like a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

Randy’s hard work has paid off earning him an impressive trophy, a $25,000 dollar prize check and the title of “King of the Hammers” that he and Brother Mike share with past Kings and their co-riders:
Shannon Campbell, 2008 *Single seat car
Jason Scherer and Jason Berger, 2009
Loren Healy and Rodney Woody, 2010
Shannon Campbell, 2011 *Single seat car
Erik Miller and Robert Ruggiero, 2012

Randy Slawson “I could not have done it without my brother Mike, my wife Christa and all those who support me including King Shocks, Currie Enterprises, CBM motors, BF Goodrich Tires, Reid Racing, JE Reel Driveline, LAT Racing Oils, PRP Seats, Baja Designs and Bulldog Winch.”

About the Author

Mike Ingalsbee is an automotive writer and photographer who has covered just about everything that burns fuel or throws dirt for two decades. He has been published in over twenty magazine titles and websites in North America, Europe and Australia. He has worked as a design engineer for several manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket and is a founding member of the Association of Motorsports Media Professionals, (AMMP), a trade organization that is involved in land use concerns and consults with sanctioning bodies on safety and media issues.

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