Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports finishes the 2012 season with success!


Jerry Daugherty
Pro 4 #23
What a great way to end an amazing season!  As usual, Lucas Oil Off Road provided us with an unbelievable track, and a great venue for the fans!

LOORS Round 15


Round 15 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series was a round that Jerry Daugherty and the E 3 Spark Plugs Pro 4 #23 was very much looking forward to.  Entering this round, Jerry found himself tied for the 3rd Place position in the championship points standings with none other than Carl Renezeder.  Jerry and the E3 Pro 4, qualified on Friday in 10th position and knew that it wold be a battle to the front.
Race time brought much attrition and a glimpse into what was in store for the Lucas Oil Cup race to be held on Sunday.  Jerry Daugherty and the E3 Spark Plugs Pro 4 battled through and brought in a 7th place finish, and a 4th Place Overall points position for the season!  Congratulations to Jerry and the entire team!

Patrick Clark end the 2012 season with Rookie of the Year!!

Patrick Clark & the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports Team
Show their support for the fight against Breast Cancer

As the #52 of Patrick Clark Racing rolled out of the semi, the look was familiar, but there was a definite difference in it’s appearance!  Sporting a special pink appearance, the #52 of Patrick Clark and the team showed their support for the ongoing battle against breast cancer!  A special truck theme, new pick helmet, and pink mohawks were the craze in the Live Fast Play Dirty Motorsports pits!

LOORS Round 15

Patrick Clark and the #52 Pro 2 were ready for the final round of racing in the LOORS series! Although Patrick had secured the Rookie of the Year spot earlier this season, he was proud and determined to finish big!  Starting in the 10th position, Patrick made his way to the front, or so he thought.  Early in the race, Patrick was caught up in a may lay that ended his day!  As three trucks entered the air over a mid-track jump, the #52 of Clark got caught in the middle and one of the wheels broke off in mid air.  Patrick was able to save the #52 from rolling and destroying his and a few other race vehicles, but it ended the round for the #52.

Lucas Oil Cup

As the Pro 2 and Pro 4 Class prepared for the Cup race, Patrick and the team knew that he was a viable contender for not only the podium, but quite possibly the win.  With the off season approaching, Clark wanted to end the season with a big exit!  Patrick battled, as did all of the drivers in this race, to get to the front of the track in one piece!  Staying clean, but aggressive, Patrick Clark maintained his positioning and ultimately finished 4th in the Pro 2 class of the Cup.  Congratulations to Patrick Clark and the team for a great season!


As Aaron Daugherty and the Tuff Country EZ Ride Suspensions/Suspension Connection/Mickey Thompson Tires Pro Lite entered the final round of racing for the 2012 season, his mind was set on great racing and a solid finish.  Debuting a new truck this season, Aaron and the #23 have had a few “new truck blues”, but knew that this great truck was better than it had been all season.  As qualifying began, Aaron and the #23 Pro Lite looked, handled, and reacted better than what had been expected!  This gave high hopes for the weekend to the Live Fast Play Dirty crew!  Qualifying 14th, the position wasn’t exactly where Aaron wanted to start, but confident in his truck and weekend!  Running a great race, Aaron made his way up into the top 10 in a quick manner.  An unfortunate crash on the front straightaway, gathered up the #23 and ended his hopes for the podium.  Although the crash ended his day, Aaron was still able to bring in an 11th place finish!

Aaron felt as though he, and the Tuff Country Pro Lite #23 had a point to prove as Sunday’s race began.  Knowing that the combination of the Pro Lite class and the Pro Buggy class would cause carnage, Aaron decidedly tried to place himself in strategic positions throughout the race.  This strategy was working extremely well for the #23 as he actually made his way up into the top 5 positions as the race ensued.  With many obstacles in the way, Aaron managed to keep the #23 Pro Lite in competitive placement throughout.  Even after being rolled, Aaron and the Tuff Country #23 never missed a beat and continued on to finish the cup race 8th in the Pro Lite class!  Congratulations to Aaron and the entire team!  Can’t wait for next season!

 Thanks to the greatest crew in off road!!!!!!!

Crew Chief – Jesse Lewis
Car Chief Pro Lite #23 – Todd Salazar
Car Chief #52 – Jerry Walker
Aaron Daugherty
Carrie Daugherty
Antonio Gonzales
Thomas Gonzales
Chris Ramey
Jessica O’Dell


Live Fast…Play Dirty Motorsports continue to thank those that support our team!   


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