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Dear Trail Voters,

TPAC is proud to announce that it has named Ricky Gill for Congress (CA CD9) as our 3rd targeted key House race. The TPAC Trail Access Victory Fund is sending support to that campaign today as part of our national strategy to elect a pro-trail majority to the Senate and retain that majority in the House. Gill is in a very tight race and needs our support.

Gill is facing off against Jerry McNerney who defeated the former chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Richard Pombo, in 2006. During one of the public debates between Pombo and McNerney, the green lobby drove up with 4 busloads of environmental activists from U.C. Berkeley and San Francisco to disrupt the event.

Today, McNerney is being strongly supported by the League of Conservation Voter’s GiveGreen Project. Gill comes from an agricultural background and his family also operates a RV Park. Gill understands the importance of recreational access to public lands as a way to boost rural economies.

On July 30, Congressman Wally Herger stated, “During my service in Congress, I have fought hard to protect and enhance multiple-use recreation on federal lands.   House members have introduced and passed legislation that defends trail use and stops the aggressive use by EPA and other government agencies of politically motivated-regulations to restrict our access to Forest Service and BLM lands.

Unfortunately, the leadership in the U.S. Senate is blocking all access and regulatory reform and oversight efforts in that body.   America needs to vote in senate candidates who will champion responsible use of our public lands.

I believe that you can make a difference in this critical election. That is why I am asking you to join me in support of the Trail PAC’s effort to elect pro-trail candidates to the U.S. Senate and grow the House majority.”  

The TPAC Trail Access Victory Fund needs to raise $10,000 or more between now and the FEC filing deadline of September 30th to support additional key races such as Gill. Your donation WILL have an impact on November 6.

DONATE $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, up to $5000 to the TPAC TRAIL ACCESS VICTORY FUND



Anti-OHV PACs will gauge our commitment to the fight by how much trail voters are donating to the battle. Your donations in this election will forecast TPAC’s success in future elections. Remember that TPAC’s groundwork for the 2014 mid-term elections will start on November 7, 2012.

Again, thanks for your support. Watch for more targeted races to be announced soon.


Don Amador, Founder

The Trail PAC


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