PRP Seats

PRP Seats
Don’t forget Limit Straps – Quad wrapped for extra strength




Automotive Latch


5 Point 3″ Harnesses


5 Point 2″ Harnesses


Automotive Latch Harness




This 3”, 5 point seat belt has sewn in pads for comfort, all black hardware for cool styling and quick adjusters on the shoulders.  The new quick adjusters fix a problem that has been an issue with off road seat belts for years. Once a belt gets some dirt and water in the webbing they become very difficult to adjust, these new adjusters will always provide a quick easy to use seat belt.


The seat belt also has a removable sternum strap, and a red latch guard on the lap belt.  The lap belt bolts in.  The shoulder harness and crotch strap can either bolt down or wrap around a roll bar.


PRP Seats 
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