BRC’s Don Amador explains consequences of proposed California budget in recent radio interview

As the California OHV community faces the real possibility that Governor Jerry Brown will sign a new budget today that will eviscerate the OHV grant’s local assistance grants program, readers will want to listen to the June 24 Bike Week Radio show where BRC’s Don Amador discusses the raid with racing legend Broc Glover.

Listen to the Radio Program HERE.

(You can find Don’s introduction at 28:13, with the main interview at 33:14)

The budget, once signed, will shift off-road fuel taxes out of the program to the general fund, taking away much needed OHV funding.

Don Amador is BRC’s Western Representative, and has been pivotal in getting the word out about recreational access issues. As he says in the interview, “This should be a wake-up call . Public land advocacy is not a joke. The people who want to put us out of business are serious about it, and they’re good at it. We need the community to get involved, get engaged. You just can’t sit on the sidelines anymore.”


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