Help Save the California OHV Trust Fund!

There is a proposal that will be voted on today in Sacramento that will SAVE STATE PARKS. That sounds great doesn’t it? Well yes, EXCEPT the proposal TAKES $21 million out of your OHV Trust Fund and gives it to other divisions of state parks for non-OHV related projects.

If this is successful then the effect will be that all the state OHV grant funding for areas like CC Camp, Cow Mountain, Stonyford, Georgetown, Foresthill, Shasta-Chappie, Metcalf, pretty much all BLM and Forest Service OHV areas, will be eliminated.

There are three senators who have to vote today on this proposal for it to move forward to the next level. We need two NO votes to stop the taking of your OHV monies.

The good news is that we have one confirmed NO vote.

We need you to tell the other two senators to vote NO and keep their hands off of the OHV Trust Fund!

You can reach Sen. Joe Simitian’s office at (916) 651-4011.

You can reach Sen. Alan Lowenthal’s office at (916) 651-4027.

1. Be polite. The people that answer these phone calls are office staff and are not the decision makers. They will pass the message on.

2. The general message is OHV Trust Fund money is for OHV recreation, it is not for State Parks to use. Vote NO on the SAVE STATE PARKS proposal.

3. Ask that they pass your message on to the senator before the hearing today.

You can watch the hearing live today at 2:30 p.m. at this link.

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Mike Lasher is a true Off Road enthusiast down to the core, Growing up in the back seat of a jeep exploring the deserts of Arizona and Nevada, as a kid, as so many of us did. Today Mike spends his free time on the trails with his family and friends in his Kawasaki Teryx or Jeep Wrangler. He also regularly competes in the Best in the Desert series and was second in points in 2009. For more information on mike you can visit

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