Ultra4 HMC Brutality DVD review.

By Kurt Schneider

HeavyMetalConcepts’ 2011 Ultra4  BRUTALITY DVD

Whenever the wife and I invite friends over, somehow I always end up in the garage drinking beers with the guys. With my garage wall covered with off road posters, 4400 car skins, pictures and stickers, not to mention the occasional buggy parked in it, the conversation ALWAYS turns into one about Ultra4 racing. Invariably there is always the new guy who has no clue about what we are talking about, and to my wife’s chagrin, all us guys end up grabbing our beers and moving into the club room to pop a DVD in and let the new guy in on what he is missing.

Because of this, I judge an off-road DVD on two things: How much action and carnage it has, and just how much it conveys the atmosphere of an Ultra4 race.  I normally fast forward to the action scenes which I have conveniently memorized for such occasions.  Sometimes I will also bounce around between a few different DVD’s showing the new-comer what the sport is all about how the Ultra4 courses across the country vary. All the while, the wife is in the kitchen screaming at me that we have seen these DVD’s several thousand times.

Well, with Heavy Metal Concepts new DVD: BRUTALITY, that is ALL in the past. BRUTALITY is a one-stop shop for your Ultra4 fix. The DVD is packed with all the action from the 2011 Ultra4 series, from the King of the Hammers to the Glen Helen Grand Prix. Since every single event in the series is covered, you really get a feel for the different types of venues and courses in the Ultra4 world. The word “Epic” gets thrown around so much these days, that the meaning and impact of the word has gotten lost on most people. With the true definition of an Epic being, “concerning a serious subject containing details of heroic deeds and events significant to a culture,” the word has never been more fitting for any off-road DVD. It’s basically an Ultra4 highlight film for 2011.

Did I mention action? While many single race DVD’s have a good part of the film describing the race or talking about the events surrounding it, there’s very of little of that in BRUTALITY. It’s nearly all action.  One thing that really sets HMC’s filmmaking apart from others is the camera placement. There’s in-car cams, wheel well cams, rear facing cams, course cams, jump over cams, literally on-the course cams, chopper cams, with the amount of cameras used, HMC must own stock in some video equipment company. All of these different angles give views of Ultra4 racing that it’s just as good, if not better, than being at the race in person.


Bottomline: BRUTALITY is an action packed highlight film of the entire 2011 Ultra4 series, professionally shot from a multitude of angles that give the audience a true feel for Ultra4 racing.   Find it at http://www.kohthemovie.com


About the Author

Jeff Knoll is the former Event Director for the King of the Hammers event. He has raced various classes in SCORE, BITD, MORE, and MDR. Following the California 200, Knoll travelled to Washington, DC to meet with BLM officials regarding the Special Recreation Permit policies of the BLM. Knoll serves on the BLM’s Desert Advisory Sub-Committee regarding Special Recreation Permits. Knoll also drafted language for Nevada’s Senate Bill 156 in 2011 regarding action sports safety.

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