Live Lucas Oil Off Road Race Action from Glen Helen: Saturday

With the national anthem setting the tone through a classic Fender Amplifier, and smoke and fireworks exploding in the background we get underway here at the Glen Helen Raceway. The first of our main events the Unlimited Carts are staged and ready to race as the sun sets and the heat drops. These kids are the future of off road racing souring of 80-foot jumps and speeds in excess of 80 MPH.  The 50 Horsepower 700 lbs. carts will show laps times similar to the big boys of short course racing. Gentleman start your engines, and we are off.
Modified Kart
Cart racing action is close up to the competition yellow with Dejong in the #1 taking an early lead and running away with it. Guthrie in the 555 cart holding second. The  527 holding third and 504 picking up 4th.
Competition yellow brings the rear start with dejong and Guthrie going after each other. Dejong bicycles in turn three and Guthrie takes the lead into a full course yellow due to a crash in turn 3. our third full course Yellow due to crashes and we have yet to get a full restart. Looks like we are going into a green white checker finish.
Pro 4

You can hear the thunder behind the stands as we anticipate the Pro 4 Unlimited race.
The field circles the track which is extremely wet in front of a full house in Glen Helen.
Adler takes an early lead The number 8 car is glowing underneath from brake issues in the first lap.
Adler holds the lead in the second lap in his first pro 4 race. He is pulling away from the field.
Renezeder spins out in turn 3 and takes half the field.
Huseman and Leduc are doing battle and nearly swap out in turn 3.
Huseman takes the lead from Adler.
The crowd at Glen helen is on its feet here for the Pro 4 race as we go to comp yellow
34 went into the hot pit
We go green and Adler nearly rolls in turn 2 and drops a number of spots.
36 of Rick Huseman is blowing bluewhite smoke
After 11 laps it’s
Rick Huseman, Greg Adler, Adrian Cenni, Todd Leduc, Carl Renezeder, Kent Brascho, Jerry Daugherty, Kyle Leduc, Josh Merrell, Curt Leduc
After 16 laps it’s:
Rick Huseman, Adrian Cenni, Carl Renezeder, Todd Leduc, Greg Adler,  Kent Brascho, Jerry Daugherty, Kyle Leduc, Josh Merrell, Curt Leduc, Huseman Struggles to hold the lead as his Pro 4 Unlimited blows smoke in the jumps, but he holds on to take the win.
Final Results for the Pro 4 class:
Rick Huseman, Carl Renezeder, Adrian Cenni, Todd Leduc, Greg Adler,  Kent Brascho, Kyle Leduc, Jerry Daugherty, Josh Merrell, Curt Leduc
Pro Buggy
at the 5 lap mark your top five are as follows:
Cody Freeman, Justin Davis, Justin Smith, Jerry Whelchel, Doug Fortin
at the 10 lap mark your top five are:
Cody Freeman, Jerry Whelchel, Doug Fortin, Justin Smith, Mike Porter
At the 15 lap mark:
Cody Freeman, Jerry Whelchel, Justin Smith, Doug Fortin, Mike Porter
Final Results
Cody Freeman, Mike Porter, Doug Fortin, Malcolm Pointon, Justin Smith, Jerry Welchel, John Holmes
Pro Lite

This is sure to be an action packed race as 16 trucks are getting ready to take the line!
Starting the race out its Sisler in the lead followed by Deegan, Steele, and Brandt. The 99 of Kyle Leduc spins off the course in the first lap as the leaders speed away. Leduc punches the gas and screams back on the course only to find himself stuck on top the second jump forcing a Red Yellow Restart. Leduc will find himself back in his original starting position for the restart. Could this have been a tactical maneuver by the veteran short course racer?
At the 5 lap mark its:
Deegen, Sisler, Steele, Brandt, Ampudia,
Fan Favorite Austin Kimbrell is running in the 9th position right now
At the mandatory Caution it’s Brian Deegan, Cameron Steele, Rodrigo Ampudia, Brian Brandt, and Corey Sisler.
Kimbrell in the 88 passes Casey Currie’s Monster Energy Pro Lite to move into the 8th position. Caey Currie running a back up Prolite is obviously suffering from some tuning problems, and running torward the back, but hopefully gaining some insight for tomorrows race.
At the 15 lap mark Brian Deegan retains the lead with Corey Sisler, and Chris Brandt Behind him.  Big news is Austin Kimbrell has moved up 3 spots and is in the 5th position now. Deegan is railing his Prolite through the rhythm section and getting completely out of shape as he runs away. The X games gold medalist is on top of his game as he holds the lead to the finish.
Your Final results for the Pro Lite race are as follows.
Deegan, Sisler, brandt, Steele, Leduc, Stephensen, Ampudia, Carpenter, Currie, Person, Cunningham, Kimbrell, Papadakis, & Beat.
Super Lite

Austin Kimbrell in the middle of the action in turn 2

Austin Kimbrell in the middle of the action in turn 2

A first lap caution takes RJ Anderson out of the running, as he rolls in Turn two, while the Torchmate 16 Super Lite of Dawson Kirtchner takes the lead and runs.
At lap 5 it’s Dawson Kirchner, Austin Kimbrell, Wyatt Kirchner, Chad George, and Patrick Clark.
Trouble in Turn 2 and Tun 4 at the same time. Langstone flips in Turn 2 and Wyatt Kritchner flips over in turn 4.
After lap 10 Krichner is still running up front with Patrick Clark and Ricky Dietrich and Ryan Hagy behind him. A late pile up in Turn 4 tangles 2nd place and Dawson Kirchner skates to an easy 1st place victory. The resulting cage match in turn 4 yields a battle weary podium, at the finish line it’s Dawson Kirchner, Patrick Clark, Chad George, Jacob Person, Austin Kimbrell, Ryan Hagy, Mike McCarthy,
Pro 2

The main event in tonight’s program, and the hero’s of the sport are ready to Rumble. The sold out crowd is on their feet as the Pro 2 Trucks leap through the starting gate in an explosion of fire.

The leaders are bunched up in what looks like a cage fight, with the entire field flying of the second jump and pushing and shoving through turn 2.
At the 5 lap mark it’s Deegan running away in the lead with Woods, Naughton, MacCachren, and Adler behind him. The Trucks are fighting for position all through the field, and are showing signs of body damage.

In the 6th lap Adler and Mcgrath tangle and Adler has his way with McGrath as the #2 fals back a few positions. Adler’s Truck does not get away unharmed as he starts to show smoke on the jumps.
As we head to the mandatory Yellow the field sees another shake up. Robby Woods passes Brian Deegan for the lead.  In a battle for Third is Maccachren and Naughton with Adler rounding out the top 5.
On the restart the field piles up in turn two as Robby Peirce bursts into flames, the result of a blown shock, holding Mcgrath into a virtual headlock he wiggles free and escapes the flames of the Pierce Crash. Full red flag on the course we go to a restart after they clear the singed but not burnt Impact truck from the course.
As the field approaches the restart the race director calls off the start and runs them around one more time to clear up any issues with position. On the next attempt all hell breaks lose as we go green and Robby Woods and Brian Deegan trade punches like a drunken bar fight. Capitalizing on the opportunity Rob Maccachren seizes the day and blows open the door to the lead. As we approach the end of the race Deegan and Naughton go after each other trading paint in turn 4 and Turn 5, with Deegan coming out on top.
Final Results for Saturday’s Pro 2 Unlimited race:
Rob Maccachren, Robby Woods, Brian Deegan, Rodrigo Ampudia, Robert Naughton, Jeremy McGrath, Carl Renezeder, Jeff Geiser, Greg Adler, Nick Tyree, Myan Spaccarelli, Jeff Seifert, Robbie Pierce, Phil Bollman

Race action continues on Sunday in Glen Helen for the second round of the weekend.

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Chad George Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx

Chad George Monster Energy Kawasaki Teryx

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